About Our Story

N.J. Robinson & Co

In 2014 N.J.Robinson celebrated its 50th year of supplying the fibreglass industry with quality Australian made spraying machinery. N.J.Robinson is the only Australian made spray machinery produced to date.

Neil Robinson saw a need in the Australian FRP industry to have a reliable, cost effective and simple spray machine, so he developed the Robo Mk1. It was to be a revolution to the industry for years.

Constant development and the changing needs of industry, have bred many designs of FRP Spray and Pouring gun designs to suit current trends, as well as general Fibreglass machines, N.J.Robinson has also earned a reputation as being able to design, change and adapt machinery to suit individual customer requirements.

On the back of the success in the FRP Machinery, N. J. Robinson in the 80’s branched out into plural component Epoxy, Poly Urethane, concrete etc and many very specialized machinery for Universities, Government and Defence. Robinson’s name has since become sin ominous with a safe handling, and accurate on demand mixing and dispensing of these chemicals. It has become a very large section of the Business.

N.J. Robinson has had excellent success with the overseas markets since the early 80’S with the first overseas sale to a large boat builder in Hong Kong, since that time, hundreds of machines have been sent around the world. Asia has become a major consumer for our Chopper guns and gelcoat spray equipment, due to the simplistic designs and ease of maintenance on the machines, fewer moving parts and unsurpassed reliability without the need for specialty maintenance staff.

Our network of supply agencies around Asia include Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines.