Saturator Internal Mix Chopper Gun

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Saturator Internal Mix Chopper Gun

The Saturator Unit has been designed for long life low maintenance operation. The unit features a catalyst slave pump coupled to the material pump, which requires virtually no monitoring.

The materials are delivered through an internal mix nozzle at very low pressure. The Saturator Unit will create no blow back from the job no matter what material output levels the unit is operating at.

Unit Choice

The Saturator is offered in either resin wet out form or combined with a glass roving cutter for the depositor unit.

Low Pollution

We believe that with the use of L.S. E Resins, a very low PPM count of Styrene is achievable and will meet all Governmental standards. Internal Mix Due to the internal mixing of the catalyst and resin, 100% of the catalyst is mixed thoroughly with the resin which means superior quality laminates and no catalyst vapor in the air.


Outputs of 2Kg to 6Kg/min enables operators to achieve top performance on any size article. This Unit can be supplied in high output form to accept 2 or 3 strands of glass.

Savings of Material And Time

Because of the precise flat fan pattern, material losses are reduced to almost zero. Transfer efficiency with the Saturator is vastly improved over all competitors due to the very low velocity of the materials.

By spraying large droplets to the job with no air blowing vapor from the resin the Saturator will achieve very high transfer efficiency with very low emissions. Operation Simplicity of design and slave pump catalyst system enables ease of operation and low maintenance. There is no need for highly skilled operators.

New pump design gives low and high output performance and quiet operation an acetone flush system is incorporated for easy cleaning of the nozzle.


Output: Standard-2kg-6kg/min H/O up to 12kg/min
Positive displacement pump linked to resin pump. STD ratio 1%-2%
All pneumatically operated requiring 8CFM air for the wet-out and 20CFM air for the roving depositor.
  • Wall Mount
  • Extra length hoses optional
  • 4.8m Pantograph boom
  • Platform Trolley & 4.8m Pantograph boom
  • Multi-pump operation Glass weighing scales
  • Static Mixing Head for RTM Roller Applicator
Non-Mechanical flowmeter system max 450mls/min or positive displacement slave pump with variable ratio.
All pneumatically operated requiring 12 CFM for resin wet-out and 22 CFM for glass roving depositor.


Saturator Internal Mix Chopper Gun unit
Saturator Gun