Robo Gelcoater Chopper Gun

Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater unit image


The Robo Low Pressure gelcoat/resin wet-out spray unit is an air atomised internal mix spray unit with the feature of HVLP (high volume low pressure). A wide range of gelcoats and resins of varying outputs can be sprayed without heating the materials in most climates. The Robo gelcoat unit is very simple to operate and maintain giving the operator very low cost operation. The ability to vary atomization of the spray for the gelcoats and resins with internal mix enable the Robo to meet strict environmental pollution standards in Australia and elsewhere.


Most filled or unfilled gelcoat and resins can be sprayed with the Robo enabling a wide range of manufactured product to be sprayed from small vanities to large boats and swimming pools.


Internal mixing of gelcoat/resin and catalyst ensures 100% distribution of catalyst resulting in proper catalyst concentration and economy, accurate cure and no catalyst vapour, thus reducing pollution.


A choice of two systems of catalyst measurement and delivery can be used namely the flowmeter and the slave pump system. The flowmeter system employs a 10 litre S/S pressure tank to feed catalyst through an adjustable flowmeter using a glass tube and S/S indicator ball. This highly visible and extremely simple method is low cost, simple to operate and very low maintenance incorporating just one wearing part. The slave pump is very accurate in delivery as it is attached to the pump and is variable ratio but is more mechanical and has slightly more maintenance.


The multi pump system enables different gelcoats and resins to be pumped and sprayed through the one unit without flushing of equipment. A quick release coupling system changes the motor from pump to pump resulting in change over time of one minute or less. It is very compact, mobile and very cost effective. A unique feature of the low pressure Robo Gelcoater is the ability to use a gelcoat pressure pot of varying sizes from 2 lt. to 25 lt. to spray odd colours or small amounts without using a pump which requires flushing with a change over. Just plug the pressure pot filled with uncatalysed gelcoat into the gun and spray gelcoat which is uncatalysed and sprayed through the nozzle.


Sprays filled and unfilled gelcoats or resins.
Multi-pump operation enables dedicated pumps for gelcoat and resin from one motor resulting in capital cost savings, material and time savings
Non-mechanical flowmeter system max 450mls/min or positive displacement slave pump with variable ratio
All pneumatically operated requiring 12-14 CFM for gelcoat and resin wet-out spray.
Standard length 10 metres or optional extra length on request.
  • Wall mount pantograph boom length 4.9 metres
  • Platform trolley and pantograph boom
  • Multi-pump operation
  • Pressure pot operation