Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater

Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater unit image

"Robo" Internal Mix Chopper Gun

This unit sprays resin and gelcoat and chops gun rovings for the commercial production of fibreglass articles.

The "Robo" Chopper Gun Gelcoater

has been developed in Australia over a 35 year period. Easy to operate and simple to repair, this is Robinson's most popular Chopper Gun, with thousands sold throughout the local region and other parts of the world. With a thorough understanding of what the operator wants, the HVLP (high volume low pressure) concept has been well accepted. The Robo Internal Mix Chopper Gun meets environmental pollution standards. It can be used equally as well as a Gelcoater.

Resin Wet-out or Gelcoat spraying

The "Robo" Internal Mix is available without a chopper. In this form it can be used as a resin wet-out gun or to apply gelcoat.

Multiple Pumps with "Quick Colour Change"

The "Robo" Internal Mix Chopper Gun can be optioned with multiple pumps for quick change from one colour to another. Using the same air motor with quick-change fittings and separate material lines going to the gun, it takes less than a minute to change from one colour the next. Lines don't need to be flushed, resulting in material savings.

Internal Mix

Internal mixing of resin and catalyst ensures 100% distribution of the catalyst into the resin. This results in proper catalyst to resin ratio with no catalyst lost into the atmosphere and improved cure.

Environmental Comfort

The spray pattern of the "Robo" Chopper Gun is designed to operate with a large globule size of resin, thus reducing styrene pollution. With the use of L.S.E. resins, a very low PPM-count of styrene is achievable and will meet Australia's EPA standards (one of the strictest in the world). Internal catalyst mix reduces catalyst fumes.


With a standard material delivery up to 12kg min, operators can achieve top performance on any size article with the output range infinitely variable. Higher output systems can be designed on request.

Savings on Materials and Time

The high volume, low pressure (HVLP) system together with internal mix enable significant savings to be achieved. Due to the output performance of the Robo Internal Mix Chopper Gun , huge savings in man hours are achieved over hand lay-up. Material losses are eliminated as the Robo Internal Mix Chopper Gun acts as a dispensing station as well as a spray-up unit.

Operation and "Easy Flush" with Acetone

Simplicity and mobility are special features of the Robo Internal Mix Chopper Gun. A simple design with a mechanical or non-mechanical catalyst system allows ease of operation with low maintenance. Multi-pump operation together with varied sized pumps give a low and high output performance with quiet operation. An acetone flush system is incorporated for easy cleaning of gun and nozzle.


Output 2-12 KG/min of filled or unfilled resins.
Multi-pump operation enables dedicated pumps for resin and gelcoat from one motor resulting in capital cost, material savings.
Standard length - 9.1 metres (30') or extra lenght on request.
  • Pantograph boom lenght 4.9m
  • Platform trolley
  • Scales/weighing
  • Multi-Pump operation
  • Pressure Pot operation
  • Static mixing head
Non-Mechanical flowmeter system max 450mls/min or positive displacement slave pump with variable ratio.
All pneumatically operated requiring 12 CFM for resin wet-out and 22 CFM for glass roving depositor.


Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater catalyst tank
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater acetone tank
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater pressure controls
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater pressure controls
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater spray gun image
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater volume controls
Internal Mix Chopper Gun Gelcoater wheels