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In 2014 N.J.Robinson celebrated its 50th year of supplying the fibreglass industry with quality Australian made spraying machinery. N.J.Robinson is the only Australian made spray machinery produced to date.

Popular Products

Epoxy Dispensers

We provide General, Bench Mount, Internal Mix Airless Chopper Guns & External Airless Mix units.

Chopper Guns

Has been developed in Australia over a 35 year period. Easy to operate and simple to maintain.


Robinson's has a wide range of Polyurethane Dispensers available.

Product Videos

GRFC Cement Spray Unit

L GRFC Cement Spray Unit The Robinson GRC or GRFC spray unit is a pump and spray system for Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement that will spray the cement slurry and chopped glass fibre onto a mould.

Airmix External Mix Airless

The gun has an all mechanical design with fewer parts to service or replace. An ergonomic trigger design provides fatigue free operation. Gun weight only 800gms.

Robo Chopper Gun

The "Robo" Chopper Gun Gelcoater has developed in Australia over a 35 year period. Easy to operate this is Robinson's most popular Chopper Gun, with thousands of units sold worldwide.


University Of Queensland

University Of Queensland logo

We approached N.J. Robinson to help us develop a dispensing unit for what is one of only 2 research reactive extrusion lines in Australia.

Value Pools

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I have been dealing personally with N. J. Robinson’s for nearly 30 years. In that time we have bought new equipment, we’ve had existing equipment refurbished.

EvaKool Ice Boxes

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The gun gives an excellent spray finish at lower pressure with a pleasing gelcoat.

N.J. Robinson & Co.

We Supply a wide range of made to order and custom dispensing units:

  • Chopper Guns
  • Epoxy Dispensers
  • Gelcoaters
  • Polyurethane Dispensers
  • Robotic Units
  • Custom Units
Internal Mix Spray Gun and Unit

Our Story

Constant development and the changing needs of industry, have bred many designs of FRP Spray and Pouring gun designs to suit current trends, as well as general Fibreglass machines, N.J.Robinson has also earned a reputation as being able to design, change and adapt machinery to suit individual customer requirements.

N.J. Robinson has had excellent success with hundreds of machines have been sent around the world. Asia has become a major consumer for our Chopper guns and gelcoat spray equipment, due to the simplistic designs and ease of maintenance on the machines, fewer moving parts and unsurpassed reliability without the need for specialty maintenance staff.