GRFC Cavitation Mixer

Airmix External Mix Airless Gelcoater

GRFC Cavitation Mixer

The Robinson Cavitation Mixer is used in the mixing of cement for GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement) or GRFC (Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement) spray or other mixing operations that require a shear mixing action.

Variable Speed

This unit is a variable speed shear mixer that is controlled by an electronic invertor requiring a current of 240 volts x 50 cycles or suited to the electrical current of the country of operation.

Pneumatic Hoist

A pneumatic hoist lifts the motor/mixer up and down for drum placement and removal.


RThe electronic invertor has an easy to read digital read-out for control of the speed of the mixer from initial mix to high speed shear mixing.


240 volts AC x 50 cycles or current of country of operation.
3 phase controlled by Variable Frequency Drive.
Direct drive eliminates drive line maintenance.
Digital read-out of current (speed) or Optional RPM read-out.
1.250” dia. S/S shaft.
550mm lift
228mm dia. carbon steel multi-fin blade
0 – 1420 RPM