Resin Roller Applicator


The Robinson External Resin Roller Attachment is designed to screw onto any Robinson internal mix unit using a Catalyst Slave Pump System to dispense catalysed resin.

Resin is pumped through a perforated T-bar applicator onto a roller which then rapidly spreads the resin evenly onto the work surface. Flushing is achieved by the normal method or by having an air purge and a solvent flush to thoroughly clean the roller attachment of all resin/solvents.

Very Low Pollution.

The Resin Roller Attachment is a non-spray method of applying resins minimizing fumes to an extremely low level.

Labour Saving.

Applying catalysed resin directly onto work surfaces saves time by avoiding hand mixing and hand application.

Material Savings.

By applying resin directly with the resin roller, the correct metered and catalysed amount is applied thus avoiding wastage.

Environmental comfort.

The resn roller is a passive non-spray applicator of accurately metered catalysed resins directly onto the work surface resulting in minimum fumes and pollution therby giving a bclean and safe environment to work in.


Fixed or variable length roller attachments and range of roller cover widths. Air purge as optional extra.


Output: Standard-2kg-6kg/min H/O up to 12kg/min
Positive displacement pump linked to resin pump. STD ratio 1%-2%
All pneumatically operated requiring 8CFM air for the wet-out and 20CFM air for the roving depositor.
48kg. Complete in packing box air shipping - 73kgs.
Standard length -9.1metres
  • Extra length hoses optional
  • Wall Mount 4.8m
  • Pantograph boom
  • Platform Trolley & 4.8m Pantograph boom
  • Multi-Pump operation
  • Glass weighing scales
  • Static Mixing Head for RTM Roller Applicator