Chip Filled Gelcoater

Chip Filled Gelcoater unit image

Chip Filled Gelcoater

Robinson have added a new dimension to the finish of kitchens, bathrooms and fibreglass pools with the introduction of the Chip Filled Gelcoater.

A Robinson Chip Filled Gelcoater

can spray chips and flakes up to 3000 microns in diameter in a concentration of up to 40% of gelcoat giving a unique finish. This exciting coating method results in a very attracative finish to rival any other coating available today and is designed as a one coat or multiple coat application.


The Robinson Chip Filled Gelcoater is a low pressure internal mix spray unit using the simplicity of the non-mechanical catalyst flowmeter or if you wish a positive displacement catalyst slave pump option.

Unique Design

A unique straight through system design enables chip, flake or ceramic filled materials to be sprayed with a a size never before achieved.


The purpose designed pump is all hard chromed finish internally and features mechanical, tool steel valving.

Internal Mix

Internal mixing of the gelcoat and catalyst ensures a thorough mix and results in excellent curing and possible savings on catalyst. Finish The soft effect of the low pressure spray gives excellent deposition retention, low profile finish and total lack of lineage marks from spraying.


All hardchromed internal components with tool steel valving. Motor ratio of 4:1 with recycle/bleed valve return to drum.
Purpose designed gun with hand operated trigger and gelcoat ball valve giving straight through trouble free operation. Nozzle is internal mix with air atomization.
Standard reliable flow-meter with standard 10lt stainless steel pressure tank or catalyst slave pump option.
Simple valve flush for the head and nozzle. Std.10lt tank. ATOMIZING AIR SYSTEM: Fully adjustable valve on the gun.
Spray chip size up to 3000 microns in gelcoat with a concentration up to 40% or spray solid colours.
300lt/min to 500lt/min or 12-18 CFM FAD compressor.
48kg. Complete in packing box air shipping - 73kgs.
Standard length 10 metres to 15 metre option
  • 4.9m pantograph boom or special design.
  • Platform trolley, extra length hoses
  • Multi-pump/colour operation.
  • Catalyst slave pump option.