Cultured-Marble Mix-Dispenser

Cultured-Marble Mix-Dispenser

Cultured-Marble Mix-Dispenser

The Robinson Cultured Marble Dispensing Unit is a state of the art electronically controlled pour machine for the metering and pouring of filled polyester resin and catalyst.


Two cavity displacement pumps are driven by Variable Frequency Drives requiring 240 volts AC input current or current of country.


Digital readouts for resin and catalyst control both output and ratio. Premixed:Premixed filled resin is hopper fed direct to the resin pump enabling high viscosity mixes to be pumped through the unique seal-less cavity pump resulting in very long operating life.


Recycle systems for both resin and catalyst stop settling of filled resins.

Catalyst Flow:

A very visible catalyst flow indicator gives the operator instant supervision of the catalyst pumping process.

Spiral Mixer:

A S/S static spiral mixer system is used to mix the resin and catalyst and is easily dismantled for cleaning after pouring is finished.


3 phase x 240v AC or current of country, VFD controlled.
Resin: direct drive through gearbox to cavity displacement pump. Catalyst: direct drive to cavity displacement pump.
Standard – manual switch with on demand continuous flow.
  • Resin: pre-mixed filled resin into 160 litre S/S hopper with mesh filter.
  • Catalyst: 10 litre S/S tank pressure feed to cavity pump.
1" x S/S static spiral mixers
Resin recycle back to hopper or pre-mix tank. Catalyst recycle back to S/S tank.
0.5% - 5%.
Up to 20 litre/min standard pumps depending on viscosity. Shot timers Multiple sized shot timers.
  • Hopper mixer
  • Higher output pumps
  • 20 litre S/S catalyst tank