Electronic Variable Ratio Pour/Spray Foam Dispenser

Electronic Variable Ratio Pour/Spray Foam Dispenser

Electronic Variable Ratio Pour/Spray Equipment

Simplicity of design is the key to this machines success in local and international markets. Featuring postive displacement, low pressure pumps and driven by variable speed electric motors fitted with VFD drives gives quiet, trouble free, long life operation.

Low Pressure PU Unit Features

The P.U. Foam pour/spray applicator has been designed to work on site. For this reason, it is mounted on a mobile trolley, though it can be bench mounted or have a different configuration if required.

Low Pressure Spray

The use of low pressure spray (less than 300psi) enables this unit to be built simply and at a lower cost than other types of spray equipment.


Mixing of the two components prior to spraying is achieved by static spiral mixers and a unique interaction air nozzle.


Low pressure spray results in lower operating costs, much lower maintenance costs and does not require heating when used in a suitable ambient temperature. The P.U. Foam pour/spray applicator operates at low pressure for pouring bouyancy, Insulation and protective foams and for spraying insulated foams.

Low Pressure P.U. Foam Features

Pour operation mixing by nucleating air and static spiral mixers. Spraying By static spiral mixer and air interaction nozzle. Heating is not required with low pressure operation at suitable ambient temperatures unless specified by the PU manufacturer.


Gun has simple two ball valve operation using a manual trigger lever to give a stay-on effect. Rugged all metal mixing tube and S/S nozzle have a long life when solvent flushed. Air nozzle has adjustable controller.
Two positive displacement, low pressure pumps, variable speed electric motors with two VFD drive controllers. Current required 240vACx50 cycles. Other current requirements optional.
Operating requirements of the variable speed motors is 240 volts AC x50 cycles and air consumption for the flush, solvent tank and air nozzle is 8 cfm. The spraying air consumption is 12 cfm.
P.U. foam spray is by static spiral mixers and air interaction nozzle and P.U. foam pour is by nucleating air and static spiral mixers.
Cleaning of the gun is by air purge and solvent flush. Method is air purge then solvent flush then air purge again leaving the gun ready for shutdown.
Container for part A and part B are 30 litre capacity HDPE type with full width lids. Stainless Steel vessels are optional extra.
Standard length -7.6 metres standard
Mobility of the standard trolley gives access through a standard domestic door or onsite work.
This unit is not to be operated in a combustible hazardous area.
  • Longer hose lengths
  • Heating of tanks and hoses.
  • Pantograph boom for factory operation. Tank agitators for specific tanks. Desiccant air dryers or nitrogen gas blanket for specific tanks.
  • Additional pump for colour additives.
  • Timers for shot sizing where required. Smaller pumps or larger pumps for lower/higher outputs.
  • Designed to customers specifications.
  • PLC controls for multiple controls.
  • Unit can be used with alternate materials such as epoxies, silicons, polyester resins, acrylics and other two/three part materials.
  • Some modifications may be necessary
  • Drum transfer pump